Our activity in 2018, summary some of the most important events.


In 2018 we continued working in the field of expert works for the European Commission and we have assessed 50 innovation projects in the  EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 - the biggest EU Research and Innovation program ever. In total, we assess more than 350 projects in this program during the last 4 years. In addition to expert works, in July we conducted Audit at the stage of final implementation of one of innovative projects which was subsidized by European Commission.

In January we actively participated at the annual conference: „Modern tools for development of strategic advantage of companies”organized by the Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research – National Research Institute (currently Estate Economical Institute) and Polish Organisation of Trade and Distribution contributing to the discussion on the topic: „Developing strategic advantage of commercial companiesin the scope of:   "Modern tools for shaping the strategic advantage of traders". Next month, February, once again we were member of a jury of Contest AdRetail Inspirio, assessing marketing activity of commercial companies in the channel of advertising leaflets.


Month April started with participation in the opening ceremony and debate on V Fair World Food Warsaw 2018. For the third time, our representative actively participates in the organization and course of the fair. The next April conference was organized by the Agriculture Ministry about: "The Future of agri-food wholesale markets in Poland". Our representative has delivered presentation at the topic: ,,Prospects for the development of agri-food markets in Poland”. During this month we also conducted lectures on postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, providing students with practical knowledge of ,,Organizational structure of the company in commercial activities. Personnel Management’’.

May take a significant educational challenge. In cooperation and at the request of the Institute for Educational Research, we started work on the Sectoral Qualification Framework for Trade. Our representative, at the level of the Association of Economic Dialogue Forum, headed the work of the experts team. The result is a final report containing an extensive elaboration on qualification in trade study.

Next month June, we participate and conduct a networking session on the “Start2Export2Poland” event organized by the Economic Representation of Flanders (Flanders Investment & Trade).

After holidays season, in October we participated in a debate devoted to the future of cooperative ,,Społem’’ at a conference organized by the Country Association of this cooperative. Also in that month, as jury member, we assessed the products in prestigious contest ,,Good product’’ organized by the PTWP group, the publisher of the magazine "Grocery market" and the industry websites and, together with the Polish Organization for trade and distribution (POHiD).

At last, in November the Food Market and Trade Forum – biggest conference dedicated to trade and grocery sector was held. Our representative has led a thematic session on ,,The product speaks to the customer-what does the packaging communicate to us?' ', which has enjoyed a lot of interest among forum participants.


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